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Meet the guitar teacher: Alan Darby

I am originally from the Detroit, Michigan area. I moved to the Houston, Texas area in the early 1980’s.

I first became interested in music while in elementary school choir class. I was asked by my music teacher to be a featured singer in the sixth grade choir while still in the fourth grade. This was an honor only bestowed upon two other fourth grade choir students. I also played violin while in elementary school.

I switched to a different school district for junior high school and was also chosen as a featured soloist for choir. During that time I became very interested in guitar. I saw it as a way to enhance my singing and lyric writing and began to write my own music. My early influences included America, Jim Croce, John Denver, Chicago, Cat Stevens, and James Taylor.

After entering high school I focused more on my guitar playing skills but continued singing and playing guitar in groups around the Detroit area. I studied music at the East Detroit Conservatory of Music as well as with other private guitar and voice instructors in the Detroit area. My musical interests broadened as well. I became interested in groups such as King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Led Zeppelin, and many others. I played with several groups while in high school.

After high school I studied Theory, Ear Training and Rhythm studies with the Faunt School of Creative Music in Los Angeles Ca. and the Grove School in Los Angeles, California. I continued my studies in Classical and Jazz guitar with some of the top players in the Houston Texas area. My musical interests continue to expand and I enjoy artists such as Pat Metheny, Alex De Grassi, Leo Kottke, and many others. I listen to a wide variety of music that includes jazz, jazz-fusion, Classical, progressive rock, and fingerstyle guitar as well as classic rock.

I began as a guitar teacher while still in high school, teaching other kids that would show up to the gigs I was playing and wanted to learn to play. That is the point when I discovered my love for teaching music and teaching guitar. I taught off and on for a while after high school, until deciding to teach full time over 25 years ago. I taught at various locations until 20 years ago when I opened my own music school, Tempo School of Music. I am fortunate to have many wonderful teachers working with me at my school teaching a variety of instruments and voice.

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