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Diatonic triads on the first three strings

Triads are 3 note chords and are made by playing notes from the diatonic or major scale together in a particular order. They can be very useful for playing rhythm parts or used in soloing as well. We take the 1st, 3rd and 5th notes of the major scale and put them together and alter them from there to make the particular triad. There are 4 different types of triads. Major 1,3,5, minor 1,b3,5, Augmented 1,3,#5 and diminished 1,b3,b5.

Today I am showing you an exercise that gives the diatonic triads on the first three strings of the guitar. If they are in 1,3,5 order they are root position, if they are in 3,5,1 order they are 1st inversion order and if they are in 5,1,3 order they are in 2nd inversion order. Listen to how changing the inversion of each creates a different tonallity or character to each one. They are shown played as a chord and then as an arpeggio. The sequence that they are shown in follows the chords of the major scale and they are played in 3 different keys. D major, C major and G major.

Below are links for a guitar pro file, a pdf file and videos coming soon.

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