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Blues Lead Phrases in A

Guitar soloing can consist of many ideas such as licks, scales and different articulation techniques such as bends, vibrato, slides, hammer ons and pull offs.

Putting these things together you can create good solo phrases. Think of a phrase like part of a sentence. Phrases can be long consisting of many notes or they can be short consisting of 2 or 3 notes. It is very similar to speaking or singing. Think of each note like a word and a series of notes like part of a sentence.

Following are several 2 measure blues lead phrases in the key of A.

These are meant to give you a starting point beyond learning scales to enhance your blues soloing.

They contain different articulations such as bends, hammer ons, pull offs and vibrato.

Play them slowly until you have them memorized and then try speeding them up and play them along with your metronome or a play along track in the key of A.

Once you are familiar enough with them try altering them by shortening or increasing the length of each one or altering the beginning and ending notes that work with a different chord with the chord progression you are playing. Remember solo phrases sound good when they begin and end on chord tones. They don’t have to but they do sound pleasing to the listeners ear.

I have included a guitar pro file and a PDF file at the bottom of the page showing some examples.

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