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A minor pentatonic sequencing exercises

One way to build dexterity and creativity in your soloing ideas is to practice sequencing exercises with scales. These exercises when practiced regularly will eventually work their way into your soloing and add some flair and musicality to it. There are many variations for sequencing and I will add more to my web site in the future.

Almost all good solos consist of bits and pieces of sequences at some point. The following exercises use the A minor pentatonic shape starting at the 5th fret. They use a triplet feel which means each beat is divided into three equal sub beats. Use a one finger per fret rule meaning if the scale uses 4 frets one finger always plays that one fret. The exercises also use some hammer ons ascending and pull offs descending. Make sure you use an appropriate picking pattern for the notes that do not use hammer ons or pull offs. It may be better for some of the exercises to use alternate picking and it may be best for others to use economy picking. Try both and see what works best for you. Once you can play these exercises with the minor pentatonic shape well, practice it using the other pentatonic shapes. They can be found below.

If you have the Guitar pro6 or power tab program the file at the bottom of the page can be opened to show and play the exercise.

There is also a PDF file showing this execise

Here are video files on www.youtube.com showing how to play them. There are 3 execise examples

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